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Q. Do you do off site welding / can you come and work at our business / home?

A. Yes, we do on and off site welding and we can go just about anywhere in Southern Minnesota for welding.

Q. Can I purchase material from you?

A. Yes, we make a lot of different products using different materials so we have a lot of material on hand.

If you would like to purchase something, we offer full sizes or cut to customer specs.

Q. Can you spot weld my trailer?

A. Yes, this might not seem like it belongs in the FAQ section to most, but it is often asked of us, and performed by us.

Q. Can you make a part for my old ____________ that is discontinued?

A. Yes, there are many old products, machines, tools etc. that have been discontinued but we can help. This is an important part of our business that we thoroughly enjoy. Just contact us and we will get your part done asap!

Q. Do you do short runs?

A. Yes, we can make you one single part or we can make you a million of them!

Q. Are you hiring?

A. We are always looking for someone who will make a great addition to our team.  If you are interested, go to our contact us page and submit a brief description of your background and why you think you could make our team better.

Q. Do you have a sister company?

A. Yes as a matter of fact we do. Da-Rew Inc. offers our own creations for sale. We can make products from any material necessary (steel, stainless steel, plastic, aluminum and brass). Da-Rew also offers CAD design to assist in the process of designing your creation.

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